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Hibiki 35 Year Old Tokuda Yasokichi III

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【響 ·35YO】 Hibiki Whisky — Tokuda Yasokichi III 35YO

Total 150 Bottles

Presented in a wooden case and water drop shaped ceramic decanter, this is a bottle made for collectors of rare world class whisky.

Kutani Ware is one of the significant Japanese porcelain multicolored over the glaze and has been succeeded in Ishikawa prefecture where is filled elegant traditional culture. It has been fascinated not only in Japan but also by the world. Potters have developed a variety of techniques and the colours by the firing and their knowledge, which were based on the traditional aesthetic sense. Tokuda Yasokichi III is one of the most famous Kutani potter worldwide. He has handed down the traditions of Kutani, and succeeded to blend some glazed to innovate the new techniques, Yosai.As for Suntory, it has been developing the Japanese blended whiskies with their traditional techniques since 1899. “Hibiki” which is the hallmark of their whiskies has won lots of the international prizes and been recognized with the admiration worldwide as of today.”Hibiki” represents the harmony which is blended more than 30 pure single malt whiskies and the grain whiskies by the chief blender in Suntory. This limited edition is specially made for the Suntory’s Hibiki by Tokuda Yasokichi III. It’s truly sumptuous and luck for the whisky lovers. Tokuda made and designed the bottle of Yosai named “Hekiyo” for the edition. And, with great appreciations, there is purely Hibiki 35 years old for the edition.


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